How much does it cost to register a company in France?

French company registration costs

Just as in any country, if you want to create a company in France, you’re going to have to do a certain amount of paperwork, and this paperwork can have a cost.

The cost of the registration can actually vary greatly. Indeed, based on the activity of your company, you will have to either register in the RCS (Commerce and Companies Register), or the RM (Jobs Register). However, while registering to the RCS only costs about 40 €, for the RM, the fee goes up to 130 €!

There’s also the matter of declaring beneficiary owners. This costs about 25 € on average.

Finally, when they’re created, French companies also have to publish a notice in a Legal Announcement Newspaper. This generally costs between 200 € and 230 €.

As such, overall, creating a company in France generally costs at least 500 € (pass through costs only).

If you need assistance from an expert to author all documents including Articles of Association, the bill can me much higher of course, but at least you get valid and reliable support.