How exactly can you get your SIRET number?

Acquiring your SIRET number

What is the SIRET number?

In France, every company has a couple of different identification numbers that serve as a way to identify it. In particular, when it’s registered, a company is assigned a SIREN number, which allows the company to be identified.
That’s not all, however; companies also have one separate SIRET number for each branch they have.

How can I get it?

The procedure actually varies slightly depending on the type of company. Indeed, while it’s always given automatically once your company is properly registered, the way you register your company can differ a bit.

Indeed, if your company is an SARL, an EURL, an SAS, a SASU, or another type of company, then you have to look at your activity. If it’s a commercial company, then you’ll want to register to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. If it’s a civil company instead, it’s the Commercial Court.

Meanwhile, artisans need to register to the Chamber of Jobs and Artisans.

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind is that while companies have to fill in a CERFA form; for sole proprietorships, it’s an M0 form.