Having a lawyer in your French company: is it worth it?

Hiring a lawyer in France

At this point, it’s no secret that basically every company in France needs the assistance of a chartered accountant. But dealing with legal issues isn’t necessarily their specialty: lawyers are the ones who are trained for that.

Why you would want to have a lawyer

Often, developing companies will ask their accountant for advice when it comes to legal questions. However, in a lot of cases, lawyers can be more apt to answer these questions: after all 71% of small companies in France have had legal problems at some point.

In particular, the main advantage lawyers have over accountants is that they’re well equipped when dealing with third-parties. If you can avoid going to court, it will save both you and the other party a lot of time and money, and lawyers are very skilled when it comes to negotiation.

As such, if you’re going to deal with a lot of third parties with your business, it might be worth considering hiring a lawyer. If not, simply having a chartered accountant by your side should be enough!