General Terms and Conditions in France: consumers vs professionals

Consumers vs Professional terms and conditions

If you’ve got a commercial website in France, then you are forced to include a section about General Terms and Conditions. However, when writing them, you have to be careful: if your business is B2B (Business to business), the rules are slightly different than if it was B2C (Business to consumer).

Differences in terms of how these terms are communicated

If your business is B2C, you are legally obligated to ensure that your client reads your General Terms and Conditions as best as you can. As such, you have to make sure the client sees them before making the purchase.

In the case of B2B business, though, the same rules don’t apply. You don’t have to give these terms to your client before the purchase is made unless they explicitly ask for them.

Differences in writing the General Terms and Conditions

If you’ve got a B2B business, these are the pieces of information you must provide:

  • Selling conditions
  • Unit prices
  • Prices reductions
  • Terms of payment

If you’ve got a B2C business, this is what must be present:

  • The essential characteristics of the product
  • The price of the good or service
  • In how much time you will perform the service or deliver the product
  • Any information about the execution of the contract, from guarantees to digital content

As such, General Terms and Conditions between B2C and B2B can vary quite a bit. It’s important that you pay attention when you write them, to ensure that you’re doing everything correctly!