French tech visas: France’s new way to promote start-ups

Tech visas for French start-ups

France has always had quite a bit of investment in the new technologies field. And yet, because it was so complicated to hire foreign developers, this sector did not get to grow like it could have. The solution of the government? Introducing French Tech Visas.

Basically, anyone with a master’s degree or higher, a gross salary over two times the French minimum wage, and an employment contract with one of the companies eligible to recruit via French Tech visas will benefit from an accelerated procedure to benefit from a visa. The best part is: not only is there no arbitrary maximum on the number of visas that are handed out this way, but it also makes it very simple for families to receive visas as well! The spouse automatically receives the “family” residence permit, while minor children only need to get an Underage Child Travel Document after they’ve already arrived!

As such, it is becoming easier and easier for French tech companies to hire, and for foreign developers to be hired. Overall, with Emmanuel Macron as president, the future of the tech industry in France is looking bright.

If you’re wondering what companies are partners of this program, you can find a complete list of them right here.