Am I exempted from getting a French itinerant merchant’s card?

Itinerant merchant’s card criteria

Normally, if you practice any sort of itinerant trade, you’re legally obliged to have this card.
However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

You need to get this card if you are:

  • A sole entrepreneur
  • A micro-entrepreneur
  • An auto-entrepreneur
  • A fairground artist (this implies it’s been more than 6 months since you had a fixed residence)
  • The legal representative of my company

You’re exempted from getting this card if:

  • You are practicing your activity on the markets of your main residence’s town
  • Your activity is fixed, but you sometimes use a vehicle to sell your products in your town and its bordering areas
  • Your itinerant activity is permanent, and you practice it in a covered area, with the agreement from Townhall
  • You’re a commercial agent
  • You’re selling/distributing newspapers
  • You work as a taxi
  • You have a regulated prospecting activity
  • You sell your products in companies thanks to the Company Committee
  • You sell your products in a shopping mall
  • You’re an artist, and sell your artistic creations
  • You’re a farmer
  • You’re a fisherman