France’s ranking improves in the World Talent Report

France’s World Talent Report

In 2017, France ranked 27th on the World Talent Report, compared to 28th in 2016. While that is certainly impressive in its own right, the sectors in which it does well are even more noteworthy.

Indeed, when it comes to investment and development, potential, and how attractive its talents are, France is doing exceptionally well.
Here what really makes France stand out is its investment in its educational system, to create a system that is fair while still allowing for the development of talents. This is how it ended up easily making it into the top 10 when it comes to the proportion of women in the workforce, health infrastructure, and public spending per student.

It’s also doing very well when it comes to attracting talents from elsewhere, because of its very good remuneration of business leaders and quality of life.

As such, the only things that really prevented France from making it into the top 15 in the overall ranking are factors like a high taxation rate. However, that’s likely to change very soon: by 2022, the French corporate Tax will have gone from 33% to 25%.