French companies have an easier time recruiting

Recruitment in France

Shortage of workforce has reached a new record worldwide: 45% of companies have trouble hiring employees.  However, it seems that France and small companies are less affected by this trend than others.

Indeed, only 29% of French employers reportedly struggled to find employees. The French aren’t completely exempted from this trend, as only 23% of French employers had trouble back in 2016. However, worldwide, a quarter of employers state that they find it harder to hire now than in the past years.
It’s especially bad for large companies: two-thirds of them are having trouble hiring.

Why are companies struggling so much?

Many of them state that there are too few applicants, or that candidates for a job just don’t have the right qualifications. Because of technological progress such as the development of Artificial Intelligence, the type of jobs companies seek is changing, and the market hasn’t adapted to this new trend yet.

As such, this could explain why France is relatively unscathed from this: it has always had an excellent result in the education and training of employees.