Being an expat in France: can I benefit from the French healthcare?

Healthcare for expats

According to the latest World Health Organization report, France has the best healthcare system in the world, and other reports have consistently placed it as one of the top contenders. It makes sense, since the government makes sure that every French resident gets access to good medical services, no matter their age or situation.

But how does it work for expats?

Luckily for you, a bill was passed in 2016 that makes their life much easier. The Protection Universelle Maladie (Universal illness Protection) states that anyone who regularly works or lives in France can get access to healthcare. In other words, you can get access to it if you’ve been working in France for just 3 months or longer, and you plan to settle in France for a long period of time.

As such, you’ll contribute to the healthcare system for just as much as French residents, and you’ll receive the same level of care.

It’s a pretty convenient system, isn’t it?