Employers in France: you’ve got solid state subsidies to help you grow

Subsidies for French companies

France has the reputation of having high taxes. However, in return, people and companies have access to a lot of potential subsidies to help them undertake their projects!

Subsidies to hire any employee

The CICE, which stands for “Crédit d’Impôt pour la Compétitivité et pour l’Emploi” (Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment), is a tax credit that any company that hires employees can have. This tax credit goes up to 6% of all salaries you give your employees.

Subsidies to hire apprentices

The “Crédit Impôt Apprentissage” (Tax Credit for Apprenticeship) concerns any company that has employees with an apprenticeship contract. You can get a tax credit of either 1 600€, 2 200€ per apprentice. If you’re a small company, it could even go up to 4 400€!

Subsidies to hire Jobseekers

The CUIs, or “contrats uniques d’insertion” (Unique Integration Contracts) are contracts that make it easier to hire people who are currently unemployed. Depending on the type of contract, the state can grant you subsidies of up to either 47% of the minimum wage, or 95% of the minimum wage!

Subsidies to hire for companies in areas with structural difficulties

If your company is located in an area with long-term economic or social difficulties, then you’ll be able to get certain subsidies from the state when hiring employees. In particular, you can be exempted from paying the “employer’s contribution”, and even receive grants of up to 5000€ a year per employee.