Incorporating your company is a key milestone in your entrepreneurial journey in France. It also come with new responsibility such as filing VAT and annual reports, appointing an accountant is probably the first good idea to action upon.   When do I need to appoint a Chartered Accountant? You are supposed to proceed with book keeping after the company registration. Even if you do not plan to have many transactions the first month you still have filing obligations (VAT, annual reports).   How do I find and appoint a Chartered Accountant? We are working with dedicated and professional Chartered Accountants. They will take on the heavy lifting of all different aspects of your business, by dealing with all governmental bodies in France. They offer a wide range tailored services for international clients and will interact with you in English. Our expertise include accounting, social legislation, labor law, tax legislation, international tax laws, etc.   How much I will need to pay? For your budget purpose only, a chartered accountant will charge between €250 and €400 per month for book keeping and filing all reports. To estimate if you will be on the lowest of highest range, it all depends on volume of transactions (invoices), number of employees salary slip high annual sales.   How can I have an accounting quotation for my French business? As soon as you become one of our clients, you will receive a FREE quotation as well as a service level agreement. This FREE service is not proposed to non-clients yet.   Discuss your specific needs or questions with our experts: Book your free call