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Recruiting new employees

French companies have an easier time recruiting

Shortage of workforce has reached a new record worldwide: 45% of companies have trouble hiring employees.  However, it seems that France and small companies are less affected by this trend than others.

Safeguarding companies

The French procedure to safeguard the company: what is it?

The procedure to safeguard the company (in French, “procedure de sauvegarde”) is a legal device French companies have to save the company and avoid suspension of payments. It is regularly used to help companies that are struggling and prevent them from disappearing.

Start-ups in France

Why French employees prefer startups to SMEs?

In France, startups have an easier time recruiting staff than SMEs. This is because the working population typically prefers to work in a startup than in an SME, and this is why.

Legal working hours

What exactly is the legal working time in France?

If you’re setting up a company in France, you might have to hire employees at some point. In these cases, chances are, you’ll want to know as much about the French laws on employment as possible. As such, here’s how working hours precisely work in France.

Do I need notarized or apostilled documents:

Notarized vs Apostilled The final due diligence documents cannot be provided until our legal team analyse your project. Nevertheless, notarized documents and apostilles are only

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