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APE Code and NAF Code explanations

The APE code, The NAF code… What is it?

When you register a company in France, the Insee (The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) will give you an APE code, sometimes also called the NAF code.

Social capital blocks

What exactly is a French company’s “social capital”?

“Social capital” is the French equivalent of “equity”. Basically, it refers to all the money a company got thanks to the money or assets the associates contributed the company. In exchange for these contributions, they receive shares or stocks.

French current accounts

What exactly are current accounts in France?

In France, current accounts (or “comptes courants d’associés”) are a means of funding for a company. Basically, it refers to associates lending money to the company by transferring money from their personal account to the account of the company.

Kbis French Company Incorporation Certificate 2021

The Kbis is an official document given to a company by the Commercial Court. Essentially, it functions as the ID card of a company, and certifies that the company was correctly registered in the Commerce and Companies Register.

SIREN-SIRET what is it?

When you set up a company in France, you will get a registration certificate (called KBis) issued by the court of Chamber of Commerce.

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