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French company SA checklist

Should my French company be an SA?

The SA, or “Société anonyme”, is the French name for the Limited Company or Public Limited Company. This type of company is based on equity: it brings together people who may not know of each other, and whose participation is based on how much capital they have invested in the company. As such, it mainly concerns important projects.

SASU options

Should my French company be a SASU?

The SASU is the French name for the Simplified Joint Stock Company. Basically, it is a SAS, but with only one partner. The number of SASUs has been increasing as of late, because it has interesting characteristic for a business creator who wants to be alone in his business. In 2016, SASU accounted for 67% of new single-member companies.

EURL questions

Should my French company be an EURL?

The EURL is the French name for a Sole Proprietorship With Limited Liability. Basically, it is a SARL, but with only a single partner. It is therefore subject to the same rules as a conventional SARL, except for the changes made necessary by the presence of a single partner.

Comparing one-person companies

[COMPARISON TABLE] Types of One-Person Companies

Do you want to start your business alone, without a partner? Do you want for your business to stay that way? If so, one of the following one-person company types can be just what you need:

Legal status choices

Which legal status to choose for your French company?

Choosing a legal status is a necessary step to create your company in France. Basically, it allows you to define a general framework for your business, under which your company will evolve in accordance with the law. While all of this sounds incredibly complicated, it’s really not that bad once you break down the choices available to you.

Should my French company be an SAS?

Joint stock company SAS stands for Joint Stock Company. This company type may not be as popular as the SARL, but it still possesses great

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