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Europe trademark

How to file a European trademark for a French company

Filing a trademark on your brand is one of the most important things to do when creating a business. However, trademarks only operate on a local level. As such, if you file a trademark in France, it does not mean it will also be valid in the UK. As such, how should you proceed if you want to file a trademark in the entire EU?

French trademark document

5 mistakes to avoid when registering a trademark in France

If you’re not a French resident or an expert in French law, it can be easy to be a bit too eager when setting up a company. As such, you might end up making some mistakes when registering your business, in particular, when registering a trademark. So what are the mistakes you must avoid?

Protecting your business idea

How can I protect my business idea in France?

You might have a brand-new idea for a business that’s sure to be successful, but you aren’t ready to create your business yet. Well, if you want to protect your idea, there’s just one little thing you should know: it‘s impossible!

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