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How to create an El

Creating an EI: How exactly do I do it?

If you’re alone creating a business in France, you might be intimidated by the paperwork required to open your business. France doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to paperwork, after all. Thankfully though, you’re in luck: the EI (Sole proprietorship) is one of the easiest types of companies to create! All you have to do is follow the following steps:

Creating SARL and EURL

Creating an SARL or EURL: How exactly do I do it?

The SARL and EURL, or the French equivalent of the Limited Liability Company, are some of the most popular company types in France. With their flexibility and safety, it’s easy to see why. However, because of the infamous French bureaucracy, actually creating one can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially if you don’t have experience doing it.

Creating SA and SAS businesses

Creating an SA or SAS: How exactly do I do it?

If you’re familiar with creating an SARL  in France, you already know that it can be pretty complicated.
Well, creating an SA is the same, but worse: the only real difference is that there’s even more stuff you have to do, and that it’s even more complicated.
As such, we’ve made sure to include everything you need to do to get your SA/SAS running in this here guide.

Creating an association

Creating an association: How exactly do I do it?

One of the things France is famous for is its never-ending paperwork. This is not completely false, as creating a business can be overwhelming, especially for foreigners. Most of the information available is in French, after all.

Beneficial owners

Declaring beneficial owners to avoid troubles with the French law

In the recent years, countries have adopted a pretty harsh stance on money laundering. As you might expect, France is no exception. In 2016, the Sapin Bill was passed to help prevent money-laundering and terrorism. How do they do that? By having all company creators declare every beneficial owner.

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