case study: STUL

Future proofing business with Companow

Following an online review of the services offered by a wide
range of overseas registration companies, Essex based STUL
appointed Companow to register their business in France in
Spring 2019.

Hot"As they were already importing a wide range of their specialist skate and street lifestyle goods into France, it was a logical progression for STUL to arrange for Companow to register a business entity for them in France."

STUL’s business motivation was primarily to help clear their imports and support their distribution channels into Essex, from where the companies Hotbox brand retail business is based.

However, their future expansion plans also entail possible distribution into the French and further EU markets.
The timing in early 2019 to proceed was also influenced by the ongoing hiatus created by Brexit and to mitigate any risks associated with future potential barriers that would in turn impact on their supply chain.

Whilst some registration processes, such as opening a French bank account can be time consuming, Companow worked hard to ensure the process and all necessary paperwork was completed on schedule and to the Client’s expectations."

"David" The service is truly excellent. 

This partnership is the best investment we made in our French business.”

"I chose to appoint Companow as their rates were clear and very reasonable. They were also the most responsive which stood them out from the crowd.

We chose France as it was close and using a French business does help with import clearance, especially as we were unsure how the EU business landscape would look post Brexit.

There were a few hurdles to overcome with the bank account but, Apolline at Companow was brilliant; personable and very attentive to our business requirements.

Overall, I would not hesitate in recommending Companow to companies in a similar position. They are genuine people who actually care about the Client’s business and what we are trying to achieve.

David Hughes,
STUL Managing Director"

 Should you require a company registering in France, speak to the experts on +33 1 84 25 54 11 or email