case study: Renouvelle

Building a Successful Future – Together

Renouvelle provide a bespoke, property renovation service for large, period and exclusive properties in the UK and overseas.
Having secured a major project in the South of France, Renouvelle soon recognised that in order to ensure that the project progressed on schedule and on budget, establishing a business in France was vital.

Managing the project through their UK business was not going to be an option for Renouvelle, as gaining acceptance with French subcontractors and compliance with all local tax, employment and VAT laws was pivotal to the project’s success.

Renouvelle needed a partner that could accelerate their business operations in France, were reliable, provisional and engaging.

They selected Companow because they could provide all of these requirements and because they were English speaking and offered a comprehensive range of services that could respond to their tight timescales.
Attention to detail is particularly important when negotiating the administrative maze of setting up a company in France.  Companow provided their Client first with expert guidance and advice on knowing what type of company to set up, before then handling all the background registration and bank account requirements.

In addition to setting up their French company, Companow introduced Renouvelle to their accountants to handle all their tax paperwork and provide their Client with a prestigious Paris ‘virtual HQ’, mailing address and on-going mail handling services.

Fabienne Tyler, Renouvelle Partner, commented on her experience of working with Companow.

“To be successful in France, you really have to do it their way by registering a French company.

 We wanted to be sure that our work complied with all local laws about tax, employment, VAT, etc so that we didn’t put either ourselves or our client at risk in any way.

 Here in the UK we can set up a business in 24 hours and start – this is not the case in France.  However, with the help of a business like ‘Companow’, everything is possible, and more importantly, it is done quickly and effectively.

 They listened to what we needed, gave excellent guidance and advice, and then handled all the background work.  I knew we wouldn’t have to go anywhere else, they could handle it all.

 With the right help from Companow and the bank and accounting partners they set up for us, we have been able to take all of this in our stride and concentrate on delivering and building our business.

 The service is truly excellent. 

 This partnership is the best investment we made in our French business.”

 Should you require a company registering in France, speak to the experts on +33 1 84 25 54 11 or email