Brexit: Top 10 reasons why you should start/expand your business to France, now!

The top 10 reasons for doing business in France

Brexit: Top 10 reasons to start YOUR business in France now.

  1. Defeat the Brexit: stay in Europe, the world’s largest economy with more than 500 million consumers.
  2. Avoid the Brexit risks of possible restrictions on the free movement of goods and services but also capital (taxes) and individuals (Visa) within the EU.
  3. Registering your company in France is an advantage now. Thanks to the 2004 simplification act for running companies and the single individual social declaration, French companies are saving billions.
  4. Cut your production costs in France with The Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit (CICE).
  5. Join us and register your company in 5 days! The official paperwork is done for you. We deliver the necessary support to launch your company with confidence. Save your time, leave the complexity to our experts.
  6. You do not need to be European resident to set up your company.
  7. Paris remains the cheapest to run your busines among the wolrdwide top 20 business cities
  8. Escape Brexit, and feel at home: France offers all similar legal structures as in the UK: Limited liability partnership, sole trader, limited company, limited partnership etc.
  9. Our Company Formation Packs include:
    • Bank referral.
    • Chartered accountant quotation to run your bookkeeping and tax filing.
    • Registered address from authorized and approved agent.
    • Free assistance throughout the registration process and beyond!
  10. What you get:
    • Enjoy the French side of life: Paris is world #1 business hub and business conferences.
    • France is #1 in tourism delighting visitors.
    • High-end infrastructures.
    • Breathtaking places.
    • The world-class culture and food.
    • Employment opportunities for spouses.
    • Enough space for the construction of office buildings.
    • Many international schools.

The 3 scenarios for the Brexit, from the best to the worst.

Three scenarios are considered by the authors of a study revealed by Buzzfeed. The first refers to a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU that would result in a 5-point decline in UK growth over the next 15 years. The second is that of a total absence of an agreement. The British would then return to the rules of the World Trade Organization and see their growth slow by 8 points over the same period. Finally, maintaining access to the common market would be the most “attractive” option since it would cause a 2% drop in GDP.

Possible impact on currencies.

The pound has lost 20% against the dollar and 14% against the euro since the Brexit vote. The big winners of this depreciation are the multinationals of the FTSE-100 who conclude their business in dollars or euros and benefit from a positive currency effect. (AFP)

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