Brexit could cost over 900 £ a year to each British household

What will Brexit bring?

According to a recent study published on July 20th by the council cabinet Oliver Wyman, British households could lose up to 960 £ a year because of Brexit. Indeed, if trade tariffs between the UK and he EU come back, then British consumers will have to deal with higher prices, and good manufacturers could see their benefits drop by up to 4%.

As one would expect, the scenario that would cost the most to British households is the increasingly likely “No-deal” Brexit, but even then, the best scenario would still cost them about 245 £ a year.

But this council cabinet is not the only one who is starting to get worried over Brexit: the House of Lords warned a few months ago that a no-deal Brexit could cause a shortage of certain products, and even the head of Amazon’s UK Branch warned that it could cause “civil unrest”.

As such, given the current state of affairs, it’s no surprise then, that many investors would turn towards other countries in an effort to keep their access to the European market; this is one of the reasons why Paris was rated “more attractive” than London in 2018.