44% of French workers want to work in a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise)

French workers in SME’s

According to a study published a few days ago by French Institute of Public Opinion, 44% of French Employees would prefer to work in a SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Start-ups also appear very popular, with 18% of the people surveyed stating they wanted to work in one. Clearly, big companies don’t appear very attractive, with only 15% of employees wanting to work in one.

Why is that?

Overall, it appears that new things are motivating French Employees. Indeed, openness, teamwork, and friendliness at work are some of the things that make French people most want to work for a company.
But that’s not all; Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) is also something that French people care about a lot, with one-third of people considering it to be one of the most important factors. Of course, as one would expect, the younger generation, the millennials are the ones who care about this the most.

In conclusion, it appears that France is becoming more and more welcoming to any company that wants to have a positive environmental impact!