12 tips from the experts to make your starting business a success

Top 12 expert tips

1 – Find what you are good at, what you enjoy doing

Creating a company in a field you know can be extremely helpful. After all:
– You master the idea well,
– You know the rules of the game,
– You already have the technical skills required.
In short, you’re at ease, and that’s what matters!

You should also consider what you don’t want to do at all, or at least don’t want to do anymore. Maybe you want to change your activity or sector? Not stay behind a desk from morning till night? Not spend more than one hour a day on public transport? Or maybe you simply really enjoy something, or have an opportunity?

Do not hesitate to make a list of all your skills. If you are an employee or a job seeker you are entitled to it!

2 – Listen to what others say about you

“You’re really good at …”; “Personally, I’d really see you in …”; “No one compares to you when it comes to…” “Can you help me with …?”
If people say this to you, you definitely have a talent,  which you could exploit by starting a business.
If others trust you, trust yourself and turn that talent into a business!

3 – Have a critical mind

When you buy something or use an object or service, ask yourself these questions:
“Is this product the best?” “The most effective?” “The cheapest?” “The safest?” “The most convenient?” “Are there any problems with it?” “How could it be improved?”
And look for solutions to make it better!

4 – Be curious

Go to trade fairs related to your interests, and find the new products that are displayed there.
Regularly read the magazines or the professional journals that pique your interest. Of course, many can be found on the Internet, but you might also want to check the magazines in the library of your city.

5 – Find what works in other countries

If you go abroad, stay alert for anything new! Take a look at what is offered, what is different from what you know; what would be interesting to replicate back home. Ideas from elsewhere are often popular!

6 – Look for what makes everyday life more difficult

When you’re at home, at work, in your school or university, in your neighborhood, pay attention and take note of what makes life unnecessarily complicated. Solving those little problems might be what leads to a revolutionary new product.
You don’t have to do all of this alone: grab your friends and organize a brainstorming session together!

7 – Find the needs of your loved ones

Investigate! Ask your friends, your family, your colleagues, etc, about their needs: what goods or services could be useful to them, but are impossible to find anywhere, that no one provides?

8 – Observe companies that launch new concepts, new products

You could get inspired by a brand new project! The French Association of Entrepreneurs finds new ideas/trends in the news on a daily basis. You can discover them by clicking here.
Likewise, browse websites dedicated to emerging trends and bringing to light innovative ideas. Subscribe to their newsletters!  The French Association of Entrepreneurs has a list of such websites right here.

9 – Reinvent a traditional craft

Some traditional activities are experiencing a renewed growth due to the adoption of new methods of production and/or distribution, or to the opening of new markets. Put your imagination to use!

10 – Find a commercial space well placed, that’s located in a busy crossing

Then ask yourself what kind of activity could be missing in the neighborhood. This is another way to find an idea!

11 – Go for a Turnkey Business by franchising

If you’re running out of ideas, undertaking franchising allows you to benefit from the reputation of a well-known brand, the know-how of the franchisor, as well as from a great formation. There are franchise networks in all sectors of activity. This does not suit everyone, however, as this can undermine the desire for independence that drives many entrepreneurs.

12 – And why not take over a business?

Many companies are looking for someone to buy them. So why not do just that? You’ll immediately benefit from an operational working tool and you’ll be able to devote yourself to the development of your activity!

If that interests you, you might want to check out how to find the best opportunity to start your business!

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